Policy paper

MOD science and technology strategy 2017

MOD’s vision for science and technology (S&T) at the centre of UK defence and the important role S&T can play to support innovation.



Ministry of Defence’s (MOD’s) vision is for science and technology (S&T) to play a central role in defence thinking and culture, directing and applying innovative research and thinking to meet the current and future strategic needs of defence and security.

To achieve this, MOD must ‘mainstream’ S&T into its strategic policy and decision making and continue to deliver sustainable and cutting edge S&T for our armed forces. Complementary to this, S&T has an important role to play to support MOD’s drive for greater innovation in defence.

The strategy sets out the components of MOD’s new core research portfolio, the S&T capabilities that are required for UK defence and security and the importance of collaboration with industry, academia and our international partners.

Published 30 October 2017