Research and analysis

Markets in IP and enabling information ecosystems

How to build information ecosystems to support businesses in realising the value of their intangible assets.



As one follow up action to the report Banking on IP published in late 2013, the Intellectual Property Office commissioned Golant Media Ventures to present an initial review of:

  • key characteristics of markets in IP which could support efficient trading
  • main information needs to give potential and actual traders confidence to monetise assets, through sale or licensing

The main deliverables from the report are a mapping of existing frameworks and systems for identifying and valuing intangible assets; and the promotion of a series of templates for standardising the information requirements relating to the operation, ownership, and financial charges over intangible assets. This report includes a wide consultation with stakeholders, and provides a starting point for improving markets for intangible asset markets.

Authors: Golant Media Ventures, Patrick Towell and Simone Keunen