Marital Status Declaration Instruction: Spain

Marital Status Declaration Instruction



The wording of your declaration can be in English or Spanish (depending on your lawyer’s level of English and your level of Spanish, it is essential that you understand what you are declaring) and must include the following details. See the list below for suggested wording but the final version depends on you and your lawyer. To make it easier for your lawyer to draw up your declaration, you could complete the information in the table below and hand it to your lawyer so he/she can see what details should be included. Your lawyer can then prepare a declaration based on this information. It is essential that the text of the declaration is drawn up in the first person starting with reference to your name and surname, given that you are the person who will be making the declaration at the Consulate i.e. “I, Mr. Forename Surname …”. There are two formats depending on whether you wish to swear on the Bible or not.