Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations: exemption orders

Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations exemption orders and application outcomes for light and heavy train vehicles.



Applications from operators and exemptions granted to the Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (RVAR 2010) for:

  • light rail
  • metro systems (such as London Underground Limited)
  • trams

RVAR standardises the requirements for rail vehicles to meet the needs of disabled passengers.

Published 9 July 2012
Last updated 3 July 2018 + show all updates
  1. Exemption orders and explanatory notes added for B92, B2007 and Jubilee line 96TS vehicles.
  2. Nexus boarding devices exemption application added.
  3. Exemption orders for London Underground and B2007 vehicles released.
  4. Published RVAR exemption applications for Northern Line 95TS rail vehicles and S7 and S8 stock audio visual announcements.
  5. RVAR exemption applications for the Jubilee Line.
  6. Consultation period for current applications ended.
  7. RVAR 2010 application for accessibility standards exemption.
  8. Two new applications being considered for exemption orders.
  9. 3 new applications being considered for exemption orders.
  10. Announcing the Docklands Light Railway (B2007 vehicles) exemption order.
  11. Update on Blackpool Transport application and London Underground Uxbridge application
  12. First published.