Cyfrifon cwmni ffeilio

Rheolau a gofynion o ran cyflwyno cyfrifon blynyddol ar gyfer cwmnïau sydd wedi’u cofrestru yn y Deyrnas Unedig.


Podcast: how to avoid common mistakes on accounts


Mae’r canllaw hwn i gyfarwyddwyr, ysgrifenyddion a phersonau sy’n gweithredu fel cynghorwyr i gwmnïau sydd wedi’u cofrestru yn y Deyrnas Unedig. Mae’n ymdrin â’r rheolau sy’n llywodraethu ffeilio cyfrifon cwmnïau sydd wedi’u cofrestru yn y Deyrnas Unedig.

Published 1 Awst 2014
Last updated 22 Hydref 2018 + show all updates
  1. Video added.
  2. Updated exemptions from audit as a small company
  3. CIC accounts guidance updated.
  4. Table added with accounts options for online filing.
  5. Link to accounts podcast added.
  6. Guidance updated.
  7. Note added to section 7.
  8. Welsh guidance added
  9. The Companies, Partnerships & Groups (Accounts & Reports) Regulations 2015 introduced a number of changes to accounts filing requirements. This revised version of the guidance covers these changes and streamlines the guidance by removing information that is outdated or no longer relevant.
  10. New version relating to changes brought in by the The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act.
  11. Guidance updated to version 4.5
  12. Guidance updated from version 4.3 to version 4.4
  13. Welsh translation added.
  14. First published.