FOI release

Legal advice and Costs

We were asked:



Details of all external legal advice (ie from non Treasury solicitors) the department sought in 2012 together with (a) how much it cost? (b) for what reason it was sought and (C) from whom it was received.

We replied:

In March 2012 The Wales Office obtained legal advice on the surrender of the lease for our office in Discovery House, Cardiff, and on signing a new lease for an office in Caspian Point, Cardiff. We obtained legal advice from Geldlands Solicitors at a total cost of £15,251.

The Wales Office also obtained external legal advice, via the Treasury solicitors, in relation to a reference by the Attorney General to the Supreme Court of the Local Government Byelaws (Wales) Bill. The external legal fees paid by the Wales Office in relation to this referral totalled £24,413.50. The fees were paid to J Swift QC. The Wales Office also paid fees to TSOL for administration in relation to the referral.

Published 23 July 2013