Independent report

Justice in Wales: First Report of the Independent Advisory Committee on Justice in Wales

The Independent Advisory Committee on Justice in Wales has submitted its first report to the Lord Chancellor, reviewing the arrangements for the administration of justice in Wales.



The Independent Advisory Committee on Justice in Wales was established in early 2018 to undertake an ongoing review of justice in Wales, under the framework of the Wales Act 2017.

The Committee’s terms of reference are to:

  • review the operation of the justice system in Wales on an ongoing, periodic basis.
  • make recommendations that ensure that the justice system in Wales keeps pace with both Assembly and Parliamentary law making within the single jurisdiction.
  • monitor the effectiveness of administrative arrangements on justice in Wales and make recommendations to deliver efficient and effective justice services across the devolution boundary, building on examples of good practice and co-operation.

The Committee’s membership includes the judiciary, the Law Society, Bar Council, Her Majesty’s Prisons and Probation Service in Wales, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service Wales, the Welsh Government, Wales Office and the Ministry of Justice and is chaired by a senior Cabinet Office official.

The Ministry of Justice welcomes the Committee’s recommendations and will continue to engage with the Committee and the Welsh Government to explore ways in which we can improve access to, and manage divergence in, law in Wales.

Published 23 July 2019