Corporate report

Peacekeeping as a major peace support activity involving military forces

This publication was withdrawn on 11 June 2015

This document was superceded by AJP 3.4.1 Peace Support Operations

JDN 5/11 Peacekeeping: An evolving role for military forces has been archived and is not the authoritative reference.

This publication was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

Joint Doctrine Note (JDN) 5/11 provides a basis for debate on the evolving role of military forces on peacekeeping operations.



This will help to shape the rewrite of UK doctrine, JWP 3-50: The Military Contribution to Peaces Support Operations (PSO), and to inform an on going review of NATO doctrine on the same subject.

JDN 5/11 is purposely limited in scope, focusing only on peacekeeping, as one of the major peace-support activities requiring military forces.

Subject matter experts and interested parties are invited to join the debate and to offer comment on this publication, influencing the development of an authoritative doctrine publication next year. The Preface provides a point of contact for you to send ideas and comments to.