Iraq Fatality Investigations: public statements

Public statements released by the Inspector.


Progress statement: 12 March 2018

Guidance notes for witnesses

Press release (27 March 2014)


The statements released by the Inspector in connection with his investigations are set out above.

Some public statements have been made available via video on Youtube.

Upon the publication of the Report into the death of Mr Muhammad Salim the Inspector reads from the Summary of Findings and Conclusions section of his report into the death of Mr Muhammad Salim. The video can be viewed here.

Summary of findings and conclusions regarding the death of Mr Salim

The Inspector released a public statement on 7 August 2015 regarding the progress of the investigation into the death of Muhammad Salim.

7 August 2015 statement

Upon the publication of the report into the deaths of Mr Nadheem Abdullah and Mr Hassan Abbas Said, the Inspector released a public statement.

20 March 2015 statement

Sir George Newman delivers his Opening Statement in the Iraq Fatality Investigations.

Opening statement into investigations 5 June 2014

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