Investigation into the death of Ali Naser

Evidence, documents and transcripts from oral hearings published as part of the Investigation into the death of Ali Naser.


Amendment to FRAGO 069-07

Amnesty International email correspondence

Annex B to FRAGO 069-07

Death certificate of Ali Naser

Document sealed by Basra Governorate Council

Entry from Iraq abuse handbook

FRAGO 069-07

Image area of Op Arezzo

IPS document: cadaver inspection report

IPS document: deceased's details

IPS document: investigation papers dated 23 April 2007

IPS document: investigation papers to Al Ma'aqal Judge

IPS document: investigation report

IPS document: medical report

IPS document: names of witnesses

IPS document: Basrah General Hospital (BGH) release body

IPS document: sketch map

IPS document: witness report of Mr Naser's father

IPS document regarding witness statements

Letter from Amnesty to the Secretary of State dated 29 May 2007

Letter from Claims Manager dated 3 October 2007

Letter from the Secretary of State to Amnesty dated 6 January 2008

Letter to the Civilian Claims Office dated 17 January 2008

Mesopotamian Times

MIND medical report

Op Telic policy for the reporting of shooting incidents

Shooting incident review by Capt Harris dated 22 April 2007

Significant incidents/events

Serious incident report (SINCREP) 1393C dated 11 April 2007

Weekly report for Basra 8 to 15 April 2007

Witness statement of Rafid Salam Abdulhasan Al-Rikabi

Shooting incident review (dated 17 April 2007)


The Inspector’s report into the death of Mr Naser concluded that he was shot in the head by a single bullet in the Hay Al Muhandiseen neighbourhood of Basra at around 3.30pm on 10 April 2007. At the time UK Forces were engaged in a large-scale counter-insurgency operation resulting in intense fighting. However, the Inspector found that it is not possible to determine by whom Mr Naser was shot.

Published 8 February 2017