Intellectual property rights in the United States of America

Guidance on how to protect and enforce your intellectual property rights when trading in the USA.



UK diplomatic posts - the British Embassy is located in Washington. British Consulates-General are located throughout the US. Full details of all the UK diplomatic posts in the US are available on the website.

Find out more about the work and services of UK diplomatic posts in the US on the UK and USA pages.

British Chambers of Commerce - British American Business provides practical business advice, networking and marketing platforms as well as top-quality business intelligence, and regulatory advice (including on IP).

United States Patent and Trademark Office - the USPTO is the the body responsible for operating the patent and trade mark system in the US.

US Copyright Office - the US Copyright Office will register your copyright as well as give good practical advice on copyright basics, law and policy.

Law companies - many law firms, both local and international, have offices in the major cities of the US, as well as patent and trade mark attorneys.

Published 5 June 2014