Intellectual property rights in South Africa

A “know before you go” guide to help UK businesses on how to protect and enforce your IP when trading in South Africa.



South Africa is a key emerging market for UK business. You should consider how to manage or protect your intellectual property (IP) if you are thinking about:

  • exporting to South Africa
  • manufacturing your products in South Africa
  • licensing your IP in South Africa

If you are looking for more general advice for doing business in South Africa, UKTI’s online country guide may also be helpful.

Seeking professional advice

The UK IPO has information on the different types of IP rights and what they protect. However, IP rights are protected differently in different countries. It is important to get the right advice on IP strategy and the different ways you can protect your IP. If you are seeking to register your IP, or if your IP is infringed in South Africa, you should seek advice from local IP lawyers to guide you through the processes.

You may find the following websites useful:

Published 4 April 2016