Research and analysis

Inspecting education quality: lesson observation and workbook scrutiny

These reports look into reliable and valid methods for inspectors to assess the quality of education using lesson observation and workbook scrutiny.


Inspecting education quality: workbook scrutiny

Inter-rater reliability statistics from individual lesson visits by provider phase

Inter-rater reliability statistics from individual lesson visits by HMI and non-HMI pairs

Inter-rater reliability statistics at the level of the subject by department


The new education inspection framework (EIF) focuses on the quality of education more broadly. Therefore Ofsted needs to ensure that inspection methods are valid and reliable.

Professor Daniel Muijs provides a commentary on the research and our next steps.

This is the first report of a multi-phase research project. The report looks at the results of a recent pilot of workbook scrutiny indicators and rating scales.

The research report focuses on 2 questions:

  1. Does the piloted approach to workbook scrutiny allow meaningful assessment of the quality of education?
  2. Can inspectors rate reliably using the piloted workbook scrutiny indicators?

The lesson observation research report looks at a lesson observation instrument for inspections. This was tested in a range of schools and colleges during the autumn term 2018.

The inter-rater reliability analysis data is also included.

Published 26 June 2019