Income dynamics statistics: background information and request for feedback

Published 31 March 2016


We announced a new experimental statistics publication on income dynamics to be published in February/March 2017. We plan to publish this each year.

The statistics will aim to provide data on changes in incomes in the UK including a measure of the extent to which people experience persistently low income. This will meet DWP’s statutory obligation to publish a measure of persistent low income.

We’ve announced and will publish these statistics in compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics set by the UK Statistics Authority.

The statistics will be based on analysis of the Understanding Society survey, a longitudinal study about 21st century UK life and how it’s changing. We’re exploring how we can use longitudinal data from this survey to develop the forthcoming Income dynamics statistics publication.

We previously published Low income dynamics statistics based on the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS). We published the final release on 23 September 2010.

The BHPS was subsumed into the larger Understanding Society survey from the start of 2009.

Send us your feedback

We’re keen to get ideas and suggestions from potential users on what data and analysis to include in Income dynamics statistics and how these should be prioritised.

This feedback will be considered as we develop the new publication.

Send your suggestions to