Business tax – form

Import and export: request for attendance Monday to Saturday (C&E200A)

This publication was withdrawn on 26 May 2016

There is no longer a requirement for this form.

Use form C&E200A to request the attendance of a customs officer Monday to Saturday.



Request for attendance (Sunday and public holidays) (C&E200B)
Use form C&E200B to request for the attendance of a customs officer on a Sunday or a public holiday.

Request for removal to private and/or official attendance under flat rate charge (C&E200C)
Use form C&E200C to request for removal to private premises and/or under official attendance under the flat rate charge.

Notice 112: attendance and charges by HM Revenue and Customs
Guidance on how you can get officers to attend at places they are not normally on duty or at times outside normal authorised hours.