ILF circular 20/07: Available income

This publication was withdrawn on 1 July 2015

The Independent Living Fund closed on 30 June 2015 and this guidance is out of date.
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How the Independent Living Fund calculates users' contributions to the cost of their support.



The Independent Living Fund (ILF) makes payments to users so they can live independently within their communities. This support is targeted towards people with the greatest needs who are without the financial means to meet the cost associated with their support needs. Therefore, when calculating an offer of funding, the ILF takes into account the financial resources available to users to meet the cost of their support.

The Conditions of Grant Agreement (COGA) regulates how the ILF must calculate available income. This circular confirms the ILF position in respect of the COGA and sets out the expected contributions. It also advises the process to take regarding a previous trustees decision to reduce or waive a users assessed contribution, and the ILF position on available income and raising overpayments.