ILF circular 08/08: Financial management support

This publication was withdrawn on 1 July 2015

The Independent Living Fund closed on 30 June 2015 and this guidance is out of date.
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How the Independent Living Fund (ILF) can contribute towards users' costs for managing the financial administration of their ILF funding.



The Independent Living Fund (ILF) makes payments so that users are able to employ the care providers that they choose. The ILF is not able to directly employ care providers on behalf of users or directly provide care services to users.

Many users or their representatives may wish to receive ILF funding but would like to have assistance in the management of the money.

This circular states that the ILF will pay towards support for a user to manage the financial administration of their ILF funding. It sets out guidance on the usual cost of that support but allows for individual circumstances to be taken into account.

The ILF will not normally pay for a close relative living in the same household to manage the funding in line with the ILF trust deed.