Policy paper

HS2 prolonged disruption compensation scheme

Description of the compensation scheme for those particularly affected by the main construction phase of HS2.



The prolonged disruption compensation scheme is for those particularly affected by the main construction phase of HS2.

It complements a wider package of environmental controls set out in the HS2 Phase One environmental minimum requirements that include, amongst other controls, prior consent for noise through the Code of Construction Practice and local compensation measures if required through the small claims scheme.

The policy adds to the noise insulation and temporary re-housing measures set out in information paper E23: control of construction noise and vibration. It will modify and enhance those measures to:

  • give people more choice to remain in their homes, help avoid the disruption of being temporarily re-housed and support them with cash compensation to provide alternative respite from such works
  • give owner occupiers of residential dwellings the option of requiring the Secretary of State to buy their property if, for 3 or more consecutive months, noise exceeds the level that would entitle them to be temporarily rehoused

The prolonged disruption compensation arrangements apply to dwellings and other buildings lawfully used for residential purposes.

Full guidance will be published in late autumn 2019 in advance of the start of the Phase One main construction works.

Published 28 August 2019