HS2 Phase One Traffic Management Plan

The plan sets out how the nominated undertaker will manage traffic, transport and highways for HS2 Phase One.



The Route-wide Traffic Management Plan (RTMP) ensures that the project will be delivered in line with relevant Phase One undertakings and assurances, the Environmental Statement and information papers.

Specifically, the RTMP deals with the following:

  • establishing meetings and scope of contractor documentation to demonstrate compliance with project requirements
  • control of construction traffic flows on the road network
  • matters relating to the development of lorry route approvals
  • vehicle and driver safety requirements
  • development and implementation of workforce travel plans
  • procedures for development and consultation on temporary traffic management schemes, including provision of direction signing to worksites
  • requirements for contractors to protect road eg mud control measures

The RTMP develops the requirements of the Code of Construction Practice. It also states how related provisions of the HS2 Phase One Act will be put into effect, and codifies discussions held with the highway authorities.

Consultation on the RTMP was undertaken with key stakeholders between July and October 2015 and further revisions have been subject to discussion with the highway authorities along the alignment of the HS2 Phase One route. Principal contractors delivering the construction of the railway are required to comply with the RTMP.

HS2 Ltd will continue to keep the RTMP under review, in consultation with the Highways sub group of the planning forum.

Published 20 January 2016
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