Policy paper

HS2 Phase One Ancient Woodland Strategy

How HS2 will compensate and mitigate the loss of ancient woodland habitat where it cannot be reasonably avoided as a result of essential works.



The Ancient Woodland Strategy for HS2 Phase One, provides an area based comparison between the losses of ancient woodland habitat that will occur as a consequence of the scheme and the associated package of compensation measures to be provided in response to those losses that cannot be reasonably avoided.

Ancient woodland is an irreplaceable resource. Where effects on ancient woodland cannot be reasonably avoided then HS2 Ltd has committed to provide a range of compensation measures in response to these losses.

During detailed design and construction, efforts will continue to be made to seek to avoid or further reduce the impacts of the scheme. As a consequence the ancient woodland losses currently reported should be considered a worst case figure which may be improved upon during the detailed design of the scheme.

Ancient woodlands are areas that have been continuously wooded since at least 1600 AD.

Published 5 December 2017