Impact assessment

HS2 environmental monitoring: National Temperance Hospital

These reports monitor dust and noise levels during the demolition phase at the National Temperance Hospital site in Camden.



The reports cover a period between October 2016 and May 2017, during which the Vezey Wing of the former National Temperance Hospital building was demolished, and contain monitoring data and interpretative results. They include a summary of the construction activities, any complaints received, the data recorded over the monitoring period, any periods which exceeded agreed trigger levels, and the results of any investigations. Where the works have been identified as the source of an issue, the reports include actions taken to resolve and prevent a recurrence.

The monitoring undertaken records all ambient noise and dust levels in the area, not just from works directly attributed to High Speed Two (HS2).

The work at the National Temperance Hospital was carried out under a Planning Application and prior to Royal Assent of the London to West Midlands hybrid Bill. The works were not bound by the Environmental Minimum Requirements (EMRs) which includes the Code of Construction Practice (CoCP), and require HS2 to publish monthly air quality and noise monitoring reports.

Published 3 November 2017