FOI release

HR and payroll contracts

Wales Office response to Freedom of Information request ‘HR and Payroll Contracts’.



The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act gives the public the right to ask any public body for all the information they have on any subject. The organisation must provide this information within a month, unless they have a valid reason not to.

Mae’r Ddeddf Rhyddid Gwybodaeth yn rhoi hawl i’r cyhoedd ofyn i unrhyw gorff cyhoeddus am yr holl wybodaeth sydd ganddynt ar unrhyw bwnc. Rhaid i’r cwmni ddarparu’r wybodaeth hon cyn pen mis, oni bai bod ganddynt reswm dilys dros fethu â gwneud hynny.

Please find below information relating to FOI request ‘HR and Payroll Contracts’.

Q. We were asked to provide information in relation HR and Payroll solution! service, including:  

  1. The name of our current HR/Payroll software solution and provider. (If this is outsourced provide the name of the outsourcing provider.)
  2. The date that the contract was signed with our HR/Payroll provider.
  3. The length of the current contract term for both HR and Payroll.
  4. The date that the HR and Payroll contracts are due to be renewed.
  5. The current annual maintenance charges for our HR/Payroll solution.
  6. The original contract value of our HR/ Payroll solution.

A. The Ministry of Justice provides HR/Payroll Services to the Wales Office.

Published 31 January 2013