Corporate report

HMRC's small and medium enterprise action plan for 2019

Strategic initiatives to help the UK government achieve 33% of its procurement spend with small and medium enterprises by March 2022.



The purpose of our action plan is to outline initiatives we are putting in place to raise the proportion of our annual procurement spend on small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These are:

  • promoting the SME agenda, identifying opportunities for SMEs and coordinating SME-focussed activities
  • engaging with the SME community
  • simplification of procurement and contracting processes
  • enhancing opportunities through our supply chain
  • improving SME data collection

HMRC is committed to contributing towards the Cabinet Office target of raising the SME share of central government procurement spend to 33% by 2022.

You can read the plan in the 3 sections set out below, or as a single PDF:

  • foreword by Sir Jonathan Thompson
  • the HMRC SME action plan for 2019
  • Appendix 1: our proposed actions for 2019
Published 9 July 2019