Research and analysis

Higher apprenticeships: employer participation in the accounting sector

An in-depth look at new apprenticeships in the accounting sector. BIS research paper 175.



This report provides an assessment of employers’ participation in higher apprenticeships in accounting (Level 4). It considers:

  • employers’ reason for participating in this form of training
  • the merits of apprenticeship compared with other training leading to qualification at the same level
  • the structure of training
  • the various costs and benefits for the employer
  • employers’ plans to continue with this form of training in the future

The current study is based on semi-structured interviews with 9 employers. It reflects on their recent experiences of higher apprenticeships in accounting. Where applicable, they also gave their assessment of how apprenticeship compares with programmes of training at the same level that they had used before.

Published 12 May 2014