Gurkha pension and redundancy calculators

Find out what benefits you are entitled to under the Gurkha pension and redundancy schemes.


Gurkha pension calculator

Gurkha redundancy calculator


Gurkha pension calculator (GPC)

The Gurkha pension calculator below gives a forecast of benefits for members of Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) 75 or AFPS 05 who transferred as part of the serving Gurkha Offer To Transfer (GOTT). All officers, and those soldiers who joined as part of the 1993 intake and earlier, were given a service credit. This calculator will adjust the pensionable service to take into account any service credit received.

Gurkha redundancy calculator

This is to be used in conjunction with DSPS(A)’s letter (reference DSPS(A) 4.5.23 dated 15 April 2011).

Gurkha soldiers and Late Entry officers selected for redundancy are entitled to receive a lump sum in compensation for shortening their career as well as other terminal and retirement benefits.

However, the entitlement of Gurkha Late Entry officers, who joined the Army before 1 July 1997, and Gurkhas soldiers, who joined the Army before 1 October 1993, to redundancy compensation is affected by the terms and conditions of the GOTT, which means that the Armed Forces Redundancy Calculator (AFRC) will not produce an accurate forecast. In these cases, Gurkhas must use the Gurkha pension calculator (GPC) to produce a forecast of the parts of their redundancy package which the AFRC cannot calculate correctly and then, in some cases, apply a manual workaround.

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