Corporate report

Growth through people: a statement on skills in the UK

This report provides a comprehensive summary of the state of the UK skills system, co-signed by the CBI and the TUC.


Growth Through People report

Growth Through People: summary


This report defines the significant issues facing skills and employment in the UK, and sets out key recommendations on how to resolve them.

The report is also supported by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the Trades Union Congress (TUC). Together with UKCES, these bodies support a call to take action to boost productivity, wages and social mobility.

The publication draws on a vast array of robust, comprehensive intelligence on the UK labour market, compiled by UKCES, and distils the action needed to resolve deep-rooted issues into five key priorities.

For more information on the background to Growth Through People, see the preliminary report Climbing the ladder: skills for sustainable recovery. A more comprehensive summary of the findings supporting the report can also be found in Growth Through People: Evidence and Analysis

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Published 25 November 2014