Independent report

Growing the contribution of defence to UK prosperity: a report for the Secretary of State for Defence by Philip Dunne MP

An independent report highlighting defence’s contribution to UK prosperity, including recommendations to improve its agility to meet future challenges.



The Strategic Defence and Security Review (2015) introduced a new National Security objective to ‘promote our prosperity’. The Secretary of State for Defence commissioned Philip Dunne MP to undertake an independent review of the Defence contribution to prosperity.

The review highlights the significant defence impact in the 3 devolved nations and across England, including as part of key themes being taken forward through the Industrial Strategy, published in December 2017. It shows how defence as a whole, the armed forces, Ministry of Defence civil servant and industry, contributes to UK national life, economic growth, people, ideas and place.

The review makes 41 recommendations to the Secretary of State on ways in which defence can increase its contribution to UK prosperity, including further steps to embed prosperity in procurement decision, building more agility in procurement and making sure that the defence sector is best placed to leverage the huge technological change now taking place in the wider economy.

Published 9 July 2018