Government veterinary profession technical skills and behaviours

This document outlines the government veterinary profession’s technical skills and behaviours.



Technical skills and behaviours are the skills, knowledge, behaviours and experience that are needed to do something successfully. For the government veterinary profession, they’re grouped into 2 areas:

  • technical skills: developed from the previous Government Veterinary Service (GVS) Competence Framework 2014 – you can progress a technical skill at a particular grade, developing from a basic awareness (A) to working (W) to practitioner (P) and specialist (S) as appropriate
  • behaviours: aligned to Civil Service Success Profiles

The combination is used to indicate the typical knowledge and experience needed for each of the GVS roles in the career pathways.

They’re for all government staff working in a government veterinary role, or any person who wants to find out more about what is required for different government veterinary roles.

Published 2 March 2020