Government response to nuclear research capabilities: CoRWM's comments

CoRWM's suggestions for further work by the government on co-ordination of UK nuclear research and development.



The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology (HoLSTC) reported on nuclear research in November 2011 and the government then responded to that report in February 2012.

This paper is the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management’s (CoRWM’s) comments to that report and response, concentrating on:

  • the advisory board for nuclear research and development (R&D) that is to be created by the government, chaired by the Government Chief Scientific Advisor
  • the nuclear R&D roadmap, the development of which is to be led by government, using the results of a review of existing R&D programmes, facilities and resourcing
  • facilities for research with highly radioactive materials
  • co-ordination of R&D for the long-term management of higher activity wastes, spent fuels and nuclear materials
Published 26 July 2013