Corporate report

Government Chemist Annual Review 2015

Referee casework, research projects and advisory work carried out by the Government Chemist team



The Government Chemist Annual review provides highlights from the referee cases, advisory work and research carried out during the year, including:

  • meat speciation – determining the provenance of meat in takeaway restaurant dishes
  • illegal dyes in oils – resolving a dispute involving the illegal dye Sudan IV in palm oil.
  • aflatoxins in nuts – evaluating the levels of these toxins in nuts and nut products in referee cases
  • allergens in spices – developing methods to determine the presence of undeclared almond in cumin and paprika
  • jelly cups – assessing the safety of a product that has previously been identified as a choking hazard
  • nanomaterials – developing novel capability for nanoparticle analysis

In addition, the Review outlines our horizon scanning activities which include consultation responses and legislation updates.