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Updated 10 June 2021

These are our current publications.

eNews from GAD

eNews from GAD - our monthly newsletter rounds up actuarial issues relevant for the public sector and profiles innovative examples of our specialist work. We include a special feature article each quarter. Subscribe to eNews.

Actuaries in government

Actuaries in government - regular blogs explain the relevance of the work we do and provide actuarial views on topical issues as well as interesting insights into actuarial work. Subscribe to our blog site.


GAD creates and hosts webinars on a wide range of subjects. These reflect the work of the department and the expertise of our staff. We deliver workshops on specific topics and in collaboration with other organisations. Find out more about our public-facing webinar programme and sign up to join in.

Mortality Insights bulletin

GAD Mortality Insights bulletin - succinct and accessible information on current developments in the area of longevity research. Subscribe to the Mortality Insights bulletin.

Technical bulletins

Technical bulletins - topical developments on pensions and insurance, as well as investments, social security and beyond. Subscribe to the GAD technical bulletins.


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