Flexible Operating Hours: Prospectus for civil and family court pilots

A document which sets out the background and model for testing flexible operating hours in civil and family courts in Manchester and Brentford.



In October 2017, we published an initial Flexible Operating Hours (FOH) Pilot Prospectus setting out how we intended to test more flexible hours outside the traditional court sitting times of 10am to 4pm.

We asked for feedback on our proposals, listened to the responses provided and have agreed that there are currently particular pressures in the criminal jurisdiction. On that basis, we have decided to proceed with two pilots in the civil and family courts in Manchester and Brentford, Middlesex. Flexible Operating Hours are not being tested in the criminal courts.

This document summarises the feedback we received about the initial Prospectus; outlines the changes that we have made after considering feedback; and sets out our intention to proceed with pilots in the civil and family courts.

Published 16 November 2018