Transparency data

FCO Services: non consolidated performance related pay 2016-17

Information on non consolidated performance related pay data for FCO Services.


2016 to 2017 non consolidated performance related pay


Departments and their agencies are responsible for publishing aggregated information on their annual spend on non-consolidated performance related payments (in-year and end-year) for their staff (SCS and delegated grades) for each performance year. For most departments this is 1 April to 31 March. The scope of the exercise is departments and their agencies (but not NDPBs).

  • FCO Services are a Trading Fund of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).
  • Transparency of information is the foundation of accountability in public services.
  • As a Trading Fund of the FCO, we are not funded by a budget voted by Parliament, but from the revenue we earn from providing services to our customers, many of whom are government departments.
  • In the interests of transparency, FCO Services is determined to publish as much information as it can, without compromising commercial sensitivity or security.

Please also see our FCO Services and Foreign & Commonwealth Office websites.

Published 18 May 2018