Research and analysis

Families of schools 2011: Greater Manchester secondary schools

This 4th edition for Greater Manchester secondary schools aims to help those schools see how others with similar intakes serve their pupils.



This is the 2011 edition of families of schools for Greater Manchester which is based on final 2010 data. The data presented allows users to compare the performance of their school against the performance of other Greater Manchester schools with statistically similar pupil intakes.

The first 3 editions of ‘Families of schools for Greater Manchester secondary schools’ were published in 2008, 2009 and 2010. As with previous years, this edition includes GCSE results with and without English and maths, a contextual value added measure and contextual families looking at English as an additional language and mobility.

When developing the 2011 families an overall aim was to retain existing families where possible although some families have changed to accommodate new schools and to allow schools to move families if they had become outliers within their existing family.