Fair Deal guidance

The new guidance sets out the detail of how the Fair Deal policy will operate.


Fair Deal for staff pensions: staff transfer from central government



The new Fair Deal guidance is published following two consultation exercises. The response to an initial consultation on reform of the Fair Deal policy was published in November 2012. This can be viewed at the following link.

The November 2012 consultation response included further questions to seek views on how the reformed Fair Deal policy should apply to staff that have already been compulsorily transferred out of the public sector under the old Fair Deal.

Read the response to the further consultation, which is published alongside this guidance

New guidance

The new guidance sets out the detail of how the policy will operate. The new approach to Fair Deal set out in the guidance will ensure that staff compulsorily transferred out of the public sector will continue to have access to good quality pensions.

It will also achieve better value for money for the taxpayer by reducing the costs and risks to employers associated with the provision of broadly comparable pension schemes, thereby opening public services to greater competition.

The new guidance applies directly to central government departments, agencies, the NHS, maintained schools (except where they are covered for other arrangements for local government) and any other parts of the public sector under the control of government ministers where staff are eligible to be members of a public service pension scheme.

In some public service pension schemes the new arrangements start immediately. The Cabinet Office has now made amendments to the Civil Service Pension Scheme to allow independent employers to participate in the scheme under the new arrangements. More detail on the arrangements for applying the new approach in the Civil Service Pension Scheme.

Published 4 October 2013