Policy paper overview: Extended Loss Carry Back for Businesses

This guidance note is about the rules for the temporary extension of loss carry back for businesses.



The purpose of this guidance note is to explain the new rules for making extended loss carry back claims for companies and unincorporated businesses and to set out the procedure for making such claims.

Find out more information in the Temporary extension to carry back of trading losses for Corporation Tax and Income Tax tax information and impact note.

Published 3 March 2021
Last updated 5 November 2021 + show all updates
  1. The requirements for submitting Loss carry-back allocation statements have been updated.

  2. The Information about rules for Extended loss carry back claims has been updated.

  3. This guidance note has been updated at the extend loss carry back section to include how to make a de minimis claim.

  4. HMRC will give an update shortly on the preferred method for making a de minimis claim.

  5. In Chapter 3, the sub-section on Amended company tax returns has been amended to say you do not need to submit an amended company tax return for claims for the accounting periods covered by the extended relief

  6. This page has been updated with information on making claims for companies.

  7. First published.