Research and analysis

Evaluation of the home access programme: final report

Report looking at an evaluation of the home access programme, using evidence from school-based case studies.



The vision for home access was to make sure that all pupils aged 5 to 19 in state maintained education in England had access to computers and internet connectivity for education at home. In July 2008, the home access taskforce report identified evidence of market failure, and made the case for government intervention in providing home access to technology, particularly to lower income families with children.

This document is the final report of an evaluation of the home access programme. It includes findings from:

  • beneficiary surveys
  • a series of case studies
  • stakeholder consultations
  • analysis of monitoring and secondary data

The report qualitatively assesses programme effectiveness to date and provides analysis of the extent to which it has achieved its intended outcomes. Secondary data provides an updated national context on the take up of home access to connectivity.