Environmental management – statutory guidance

Environmental permitting charges scheme: guidance from April 2014

Environment Agency charging scheme and guidance: environmental permits, licence and registration costs and fees.



This document covers charges including those for activities that require a permit (licence) or registration from the Environment Agency under environmental permitting regulations and other laws.

It covers how much it costs for new permits, variations (changes), surrenders (cancel), transfers, deployments, registrations and renewals.

This charging scheme covers:

  • installations
  • waste facilities
  • mining waste
  • mobile plant
  • groundwater activities (land spreading)
  • water discharge activities and groundwater activities (point source)
  • radioactive substances activities
  • waste carriers, brokers and dealers
  • exempt waste operations
  • international waste shipments
  • producer responsibility: waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • producer responsibility: waste batteries and accumulators
  • Transfrontier Shipment of Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Regulations 2008

It also includes an addendum on materials facilities.

The charging scheme does not cover flood risk activities.

An application for the grant of an environmental permit for a flood risk activity must be accompanied by a fee of £50 for each flood risk activity to which the application relates.

These are:

  • erecting any temporary or permanent structure in, over or under a main river
  • altering, repairing or maintaining any temporary or permanent structure, over or under a main river, where the work could affect the flow of water in the river or affect drainage work
  • building or altering any structure designed to contain or divert flood waters from a main river

There is no charge for applications for other flood risk activities and no subsistence charges for any flood risk activities. This continues the existing charges that applied for flood defence consent applications.

We have consulted on changes to these charges (see consultation webpage for further details) and we are still considering their introduction, subject to Ministerial approval.


For billing queries contact the address on the back of your invoice.

For queries regarding the interpretation of charges email eacharges_query@environment-agency.gov.uk