Corporate report

Environment Agency corporate scorecard 2018 to 2019 - Quarter two

The corporate scorecard outlines the Environment Agency's performance against our corporate measures.



The Environment Agency has 12 corporate measures. These are:

  • the water environment is healthier
  • we protect people, the environment and wildlife by reducing serious pollution incidents
  • we create new habitats
  • we reduce the number of high risk illegal waste sites
  • we reduce the risk of flooding for more households
  • we maintain our flood and coastal risk management assets at or above the target condition
  • we have a first class incident response capability
  • we manage our money efficiently to deliver our outcomes
  • we respond to planning applications within 21 days
  • we reduce our carbon footprint
  • we have a diverse workforce
  • we provide a safe place to work

This report will cover quarter two reporting period for 2018 to 2019.

Published 21 February 2019