End User Devices Security Guidance: BlackBerry 10.2

Configuration guidance for the use of BlackBerry 10.2 for remote working at OFFICIAL

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This guidance is for public sector organisations to follow when deploying end user devices for remote working at OFFICIAL.

BlackBerry 10 devices can be configured into one of three Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) modes. The table below shows the differences between the various modes and their different names.

Mode Activation Type Description
EMM-Corporate Work and Personal - Corporate This option activates a BlackBerry Balance device that separates work and personal data. Your organization only has control over the work space.
EMM-Regulated Work Space Only This option activates a device that only has a work space.
EMM-Regulated with Balance Work and Personal - Regulated This option activates a regulated BlackBerry Balance device that separates work and personal data and gives your organization additional control over device features.

As the controls and risks associated with each mode are different, the BlackBerry 10 guidance has been split into chapters, one for each mode.

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Published 10 June 2014