EFA e-bulletin: 9 January 2014 (issue 43)

Latest information and actions from Education Funding Agency for academies, schools, colleges and other post-16 providers.

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This is an old edition of the EFA e-bulletin, so has been archived. Please view our most recent e-bulletins and web pages for up-to-date information.



This contains items from the EFA e-bulletin on 9 January 2014, which was published on the Department for Education website. It is here mainly for reference - please note that some links may have changed following the transition to GOV.UK

Items for academies

Financial assurance Information: submission route for academies accounts returns
Financial assurance Action: academy trusts’ financial statements
Other news Information: updated section 96 website

Items for post-16 providers

This includes schools, colleges, commercial and charitable providers, independent specialist providers and local authorities

Data Information: individualised learning record (ILR) Returns: R06
Data Information: Redundant Learning Aim References (LARS) codes
Sector news Information: updated section 96 website
Sector news Information: traineeships update to eligible providers
Sector news Information: Youth Contract programme for 16- and 17-year-olds
Published 11 March 2014