Corporate report

DVLA business plan 2014 to 2015

The DVLA business plan sets out the agency’s plans for 2014-15.



The business plan details our 15 key performance measures covering:

  • reform
  • customer service
  • corporate responsibility
  • finance and efficiency

During 2014 to 2015 we will:

  • remove barriers for customers to encourage growth and reduce administrative burden contributing to the Government’s Red Tape Challenge
  • further digitise services we offer and drive user take-up
  • introduce new and accelerated ways of delivering excellent digital services
  • seek and act on customer insight and feedback
  • manage our finances efficiently and give back to customers any savings we make by reducing fees
  • reduce impact on the environment

Our business plan provides quarterly updates on performance against business objectives. It gives our customers a more transparent picture of where the agency is heading and how we perform during the year.