Duncan Selbie's Friday message: 12 July 2013

Weekly message from the Chief Executive of Public Health England.

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This week’s Associate Parliamentary Health Group seminar on public health killers was by far the hottest discussion topic was alcohol and the harm it can cause to individuals, their families and the wider community. In particular, the group focused on the easy availability of cheap, high-strength alcoholic drinks and the effectiveness of minimum unit pricing (MUP) in helping to halt the rising tide of alcohol abuse.

We very much welcome today’s launch of the School Food Plan. It will provide a hopefully helpful resource for teachers, catering managers and those who work with children in their often remarkable efforts to ensure children are properly nourished during the day.

And finally, PHE has contributed to Defra’s recently published National Adaptation Programme, which aims to promote climate resilience within the NHS, public health and social care to ensure services are not disrupted and there is sufficient resilience to deal with the increased demand for services associated with extreme heat or cold.

Published 12 July 2013