Drafting rules or guidance on products or internet services: find out if you need to notify the European Commission

Diagnostic tool to help determine whether a draft regulation or standard must be notified to the EC under EU Directive 2015/1535/EU.



This document explains the rules for officials on whether to notify the European Commission of draft rules or guidance regulating products and information society services. It also covers exemptions to notifying the Commission, and how the standstill period works.

See also Technical Standards and Regulations Directive 2015/1535/EU: guidance for officials.

From 7 October 2015, Directive 2015/1535/EU replaced Directive 98/34/EC.

Published 16 July 2012
Last updated 23 March 2016 + show all updates
  1. Added updated decision tree document and updated the Directive to 2015/1535/EU.
  2. Updated version of the diagnostic tool published.
  3. First published.