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DFID Strategic Vision for Gender Equality: Her Potential, Our Future

DFID sets out its Call to Action to step up and deliver results for girls and women, pressing DFID and its partners to take action across the board to make gender equality a reality.



The 2018 to 2030 Vision for Gender Equality is DFID’s Call to Action to shape and realise a future where girls and boys, women and men enjoy equal rights and equal opportunities. The UK is an international leader on women’s empowerment. The UK has a proud record of putting women and girls’ rights at the centre of its international policy, and has played a key role in influencing others. The Vision calls for a sustained focus on existing commitments for girls and women, especially in conflict and crisis; and a greater focus on ensuring no girl or woman is left behind, including those with disabilities. It demands a more effective response on gender equality across the board, contributing to accelerated delivery of all the Sustainable Development Goals, and development and humanitarian outcomes. If we succeed, girls, women, men and boys across the globe will be equal, empowered and safe – and countries will enjoy lasting poverty reduction, prosperity, resilience, peace and stability.

Published 7 March 2018
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