Corporate report

DFID: National Fraud Initiative 2016/17

The use of DFID data to prevent or detect fraud.



DFID’s Overseas Pensions Department is participating in the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) 2016/17 data matching exercise carried out by the Cabinet Office. We are required by law to protect the public funds we administer and our participation in NFI will assist in the prevention and detection of fraud against DFID.

Data matching involves comparing computer records held by one public body against computer records held by other public bodies to see how far they match. Where an inconsistency is found it may indicate that further investigation is necessary.

We participate on a voluntary basis and will provide the Cabinet Office with details of our pensioners’ data as set out in the Cabinet Office Guidance. This will ensure, for example, that no pensions are paid to persons who are deceased and no longer entitled.

The use of data by the Cabinet Office in a data matching exercise is carried out with statutory authority under Part 6 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014. The Data Protection Act 1998 still applies to personal data transferred to the Cabinet Office. However, DFID is not require to obtain the consent of individuals when processing their personal data in this way as there is a clear business reason for the transfer. DFID, by virtue of this notice, is informing individuals of the purpose of the data transfer.

Data Matching by the Cabinet office is subject to a Code of Practice.

View further information on the Cabinet Office’s legal powers and reasons why it matches particular information.

Published 30 October 2015