Research and analysis

Developing sustainable arrangements for the initial training of educational psychologists: final report

This review looked at the design of future initial training arrangements to help trainees work within educational psychologist services.



As a foundation for the design of future training, the review has considered the role educational psychologists (EPs) play in the education system, the current configuration of EP services and how these are changing and might develop further in the future.

This review was driven by a combination of changes in local authority EP services and the need to make the most of the specialist knowledge, expertise and skills of EPs. These factors, and the need for government to step in to meet a shortfall in funding from LAs, call into question the sustainability of existing training arrangements.

The review gathered information on: what functions EPs are performing (statutory and non-statutory) that make the best use of their skills, and how their role is changing; how EP services are designed, and how their configuration is changing; what the current training arrangements are and what problems are emerging.


  • Introduction
  • Recommendations
  • Summary
  • Background
  • Review process
  • Findings
  • Options from 2013
  • Alternative future training models
  • Preferred option
  • Interim solution for 2012
  • The current funding position
  • Funding from 2012
  • Next steps
  • Annexes
Published 15 November 2011