Defence Environment and Safety Committee (DESC) assurance reports

DESC annual safety and environment assurance reports from 2000 to present.


The Defence Environment and Safety Committee (DESC), chaired by the Permanent Secretary, is part of the MOD corporate governance structure as set out in the Secretary of State’s policy statement and JSP 525. It’s purpose is to advise the Permanent Secretary in carrying out his responsibilities as the Ministry of Defence (MOD) process owner for safety and environmental protection (EP) for the MOD.

The DESC will support Secretary of State (SofS) for Defence in carrying out his responsibilities of:

  • providing, through the safety and EP strategy, strategic direction and setting objectives on behalf of the Defence Board, and ensuring that the objectives are clearly represented in Top Level Budget (TLB) Holders command plans; assessing and prioritising the department’s safety and EP risks, setting objectives and targets to manage those risks, and driving continual improvement in performance

  • considering the safety and EP risks arising from planning round options and providing advice to the Defence Board. monitoring and reviewing the implementation of the department’s safety and EP strategy, objectives and targets

  • providing assurance to the SofS, that the management of safety and EP is effective and complies with SofS’s policy, on the basis of reports received from TLB Holders, Trading Funding Agency Chief Executives, Director General Military Aviation Authority and Director DSEA

  • monitoring the implementation of the duty holder structure in TLBs

The DESC superseded the Defence Environment and Safety Board (DESB) on the 12th January 2012.