DBS certificate reprint guide

Updated 23 February 2017


This guide explains the criteria for requesting a DBS certificate reprint.

We can’t process a reprint request if:

  • the certificate has been accidentally lost or destroyed after you received it
  • the DBS certificate was issued more than 3 months ago (93 days). A new DBS check application will need to be submitted with the appropriate fee if a certificate is still needed
  • a reprint of the certificate has already been dispatched and the copy has not been received

Criteria you must meet to request a DBS certificate reprint

We can process your request if all of the following points apply:

  • your DBS certificate was issued over 14 days ago, but you haven’t received it. You can find out the date your certificate was issued on through online tracking
  • the reprint request has been made within 3 months (93 days) of the date of issue of your certificate
  • the address you request your certificate to be reprinted and sent to matches the address on your DBS application.

If you have moved address since your application was submitted you will need to set up mail redirection before requesting a DBS certificate reprint. Go to the Royal Mail website for more information on how to do this. The address you gave us on your DBS application can’t be changed.

If your reprint request meets the criteria complete the relevant reprint form and email it to

We will aim to process your request within 5 working days.

We can’t guarantee the security of information until it is in our possession, and will not take responsibility for information until we receive it.

The reprint team can’t respond to any other type of query you may have. Please go to our homepage to find out more about the DBS.