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The Commercial Victimisation Survey (CVS) provides information on the crimes committed against businesses in England and Wales. The CVS was first carried out in 1994 and then again in 2002.

The findings from the CVS complement those of the Crime Survey for England and Wales and police recorded crime figures. Taken together, these sources provide a better picture of crime in England and Wales.

The new CVS series

The Home Office has contracted TNS BMRB to carry out three new surveys to provide an up-to-date picture of crimes against businesses. The new surveys will run annually from 2012 to 2014.

Before commissioning the new surveys, we carried out a scoping exercise for a new survey of businesses. This involved:

  • reviewing previous business crime surveys
  • consulting Home Office and external stakeholders to identify key survey requirements
  • developing survey design options

In advance of fieldwork starting on the new CVS, TNS BMRB carried out further feasibility work to inform plans for the new survey. Further details are available in the Commercial Victimisation Survey 2012 Feasibility Report.

Published 20 March 2013